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MAS Newsletter 1/2017: The HCA Welcomes New Students and an Old Friend

This edition features our current MAS students’ first intercultural experiences upon their arrival here in Heidelberg. We also report about U.S. Consul General James Herman’s visit at the HCA. Finally, we compiled some interesting data on our MAS students’ educational background before applying to the MAS program and about their careers after their graduation from Heidelberg University.


American Studies

Der Fachrat ist die fachbezogene Zusammenkunft von Studierenden, akademischen Mitarbeitern und Hochschulprofessoren eines Instituts der Universität.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You describe the MAS as a three semester program; what exactly does that mean?

A: The MAS is an 18-month program starting each winter semester. You will be enrolled at the University of Heidelberg for three consecutive semesters, and will graduate in February.

Q: Is it possible to complete the program in less than three semesters?

A: Yes, there is a performance-related fast track option that might allow students to complete the program in two semesters. However, only students who demonstrate through their outstanding record during the first semester that they are capable of managing class and thesis work at the same time will be eligible for this option.

Q: Where and when do I apply for the MAS?

A: You may apply at any time. However, March 31 is the deadline for applications for the winter semester of the same year. The admissions committee meets at the end of April or the beginning of May. Letters of acceptance for the winter semester are sent out in mid-May.

Q: What is a “writing sample”?

A: The writing sample is normally an excerpt from an academic paper or essay in English that you prepared during your studies or that you published in a journal.

Q: How much is the tuition fee for the MAS?

A: The tuition fee is 2,500 EUR per semester, payable before the start of each semester. Additionally the University of Heidelberg charges an administration fee of 40,00 EUR and a social service contribution of 64,00 EUR per semester.

Q: Are there any additional expenses I have to keep in mind?

A: Please allow yourself between 600 - 800 EUR for each month in Germany for living, incl. rent.

Q: Can I get a scholarship?

A: The HCA offers a small number of highly competitive tuition fee scholarships, a few of which come with an additional stipend that may help to cover the cost of living in Heidelberg. We will not be able to comment on your chances of obtaining a scholarship at any point. You will receive information on the status of your scholarship application along with your admission notice in early July. Additionally, there are many scholarships available for international students from the German Academic Exchange Service, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, or Heinrich Böll Foundation. These scholarships require that you contact those foundations directly.

Q: What are the requirements for admission?

A: Applicants of recognized academic institutions outside of the EU should have successfully completed degree programs of a minimum of four years of study. Applicants need at least 210 ECTS credits to qualify. If you are not either an English native speaker or holding a degree from an institution of higher education in the U.S. or U.K., you must prove your English language proficiency through a TOEFL or Cambridge Certificate.

Q: Do I still have to present my TOEFL test scores even if I hold a Master's degree in English literature and teach English at my university?

A: Yes, it is obligatory to present your TOEFL scores or scores of an equivalent standardized test to join the MAS program. We make exceptions only if 1.) English is your native language, 2.) You hold a degree from a university in an English speaking country.

Q: How much time will I have to invest each week for the program?

A: The MAS is a full-time master’s program. During the first semester, the weekly schedule consists of 18 hours of class work. Moreover, students are expected to prepare as well as review for class. The second semester consists of 14 hours of class work. The third semester is devoted to the completion of the thesis. There is no class work.

Q: Do I need to know any German?

A: The MAS courses are fully taught in English. You will not need to know any German, if you chose to go for this program. However, you can take advantage of attending a German course offered by the International Student Center at a subsidized rate of 80 EUR per semester.

Q: How much time does it take to get a student Visa?

A: Please allow yourself at least 4 months to apply for and obtain a German student visa. The Foreigners Office in Heidelberg as well as the German Consulate/Embassy in your country process your visa application. Apart from furnishing required documents, we have no influence over the visa application process and are unable to provide any information or comment on the process.

Q: What is the housing situation at the University of Heidelberg?

A: Finding accomodation in Heidelberg is not exactly easy. Student residences provide only a limited number of inexpensive apartments - and they fill up early. The HCA can normally only place about 10 students in the university housing system. Therefore it is important that students look for alternative venues as soon as possible.

Q: Where can I get more information about the MAS?

A: For further information on applying and tuition fees, please contact mas@uni-hd.de or please feel free to call us at +49 6221 543713.

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